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Faculty Policy FAQ

This page organizes selected university policies by topic and provides examples of some related frequently asked questions. This is not an exhaustive list. 

This FAQ page complements the University Policies website, and all individuals must identify and familiarize themselves with all applicable university and unit policies. Additional laws, regulations, and rules may apply to any situation. Further, units may have specific guidelines and procedures governing policy implementation. 

Faculty Rules and other university rules approved by the Board of Trustees may apply to particular situations; these are available on the Board of Trustees website.

Reviews and reappointment
Do I get reviewed annually?
What do I need to know about hiring, appointment, and reappointment?
Can my faculty appointment be altered to reflect special duties?


Leaves and absences
I need to take a leave for non-work-related reasons. What are my options?
How do I take personal leave using FMLA?
What should I do if I obtain a fellowship or a Fulbright?
What are my reporting obligations if I take leave from the university to work somewhere else?
What is the university furlough policy?


Protected classes, equity, and reporting
What are my reporting obligations when I am aware of actual or potential sexual misconduct, inappropriate or prohibited relationships, or discrimination or harassment based on a protected class?
I want to hire/have hired someone who has requested accommodations to effectively fulfill their job duties. What policies apply?


What protections are in place if I report a policy violation or testify in an investigation? 


There may be other policies that address retaliation depending on the subject matter, for example the Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct policy or Research Misconduct policy.


Working with Ohio State students
I want to recognize my students but not violate their privacy. What are the parameters?


Working with minors
I want to host an activity at Ohio State for a local fourth grade class. What do I need to know?
My niece, a local high school student, wants to work as a volunteer in my lab. What do I need to know?  


General research
What should I do with an Excel sheet from my post-doc with numbers that look to be fabricated? 
My collaborator did not include me as an author on a manuscript that was published, and I did most of the work, what should I do? 
I want to research with a Schedule I controlled substance, what approvals do I need? 
Who approves protocols that cover work with recombinant DNA? 
What biosafety level is appropriate for my research? 
I am developing a new procedure to use on mice, but I am not sure if it will cause pain and distress, who can help with this? 
I plan to survey my students regarding course activities, do I need IRB approval to do so?
Can I hire family members to work in my lab?


Research financial issues
How do I report questionable expenses on a research project?
Who owns the intellectual property from my lab, from my students or from my home?
Can I use a university credit card for my research project?


Research outside of the university
My colleague in another country requested some technical information I developed at Ohio State through work funded by a Department of Defense grant. Can I share this information? 
How do I get approval to consult with industry or to create and run a startup company while working at Ohio State?   
What do I need to know about sharing research reagents, data, or published tools with someone at another university, or adding research developed at Ohio State into a repository? 


Outside activities and conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment
Can I hire or supervise members of my family? 
As a faculty member, can I work outside the university for my own company or for a private company? 
Can I or my company contract with the university to sell goods or provide services?