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The Ohio State University's Faculty Information System

Interfolio, a leading academic faculty management and higher education technology firm, partnered with the university to develop a dynamic faculty information system (FIS) that meets the specific needs of faculty at Ohio State. The new FIS supports faculty throughout their entire lifecycle as they seek grants, submit journal articles, apply for awards, manage promotion and tenure materials, and share their contributions to the university and beyond; collecting information and making it readily accessible. Interfolio tools increase data access and give back valuable hours to faculty, staff and administration. 

Review, Promotion & Tenure

Implementation of the Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) tool will begin in autumn 2023. The RPT tool, which focuses only on the review component, allows Ohio State to conduct promotion & tenure reviews via Interfolio. Faculty (or a designee) submit their final materials to Interfolio to launch the review process.

Resources to learn more about RPT are available below.

RPT resources

"Getting started" courses

Faculty course (30 minutes)

Administrator course (45 minutes)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is happening to Vita?
Vita is deprecated and will be retired on Tuesday, August 1. Faculty are strongly encouraged to pull their data out of Vita and save locally for eventual upload into Interfolio. Ohio State Extension faculty and staff should email Debby Lewis for more information on extended access to Vita.

What has changed about submitting promotion & tenure (P&T) materials?
The new process is essentially the same, with one exception—you will now log in to Interfolio to submit your P&T materials. Continue following your TIU's guidelines for preparing P&T materials, and save them as a PDF or Word file. 

How do I submit my promotion & tenure materials that are saved as a PDF or Word file?
First, log in to Interfolio. Then, access the Review, Promotion and Tenure tool to submit your materials

I have time to prepare before submitting my promotion & tenure materials. What should be my next steps?
Consume one or both of the following Review, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) resources:
1) Complete the 30-minute RPT "Getting Started" course for faculty.
2) Follow the online step-by-step Candidates' RPT Guide. NOTE: some steps contain multiple tabs (see an example below).

Screenshot showing multiple tabs look and design
Additional questions?
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Faculty Activity Reporting

Implementation of the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) tool will take place over the course of the coming academic year, allowing faculty to track and tell their academic story.